March 23, 2016


The FORT Direct Ship Compliance (DSC) module is a powerful compliance engine, built specifically for the FORT System and for the reporting needs of wineries and retailers. It manages all state reporting, volume limits, permits, local tax amounts, and more. It also performs real-time compliance checks in the FORT shopping cart to save you the time required to cancel non-compliant orders. Compared to other external compliance systems, FORT’s DSC can save hours of work and thousands of dollars a year.

The SoCal Wine Services system can help manage ALL critical areas of the order cycle, ensuring you have all the data you need within one single system.

FORT Systems compliance functionality

FORT's Integrated Compliance Offers Many Benefits

  • Like all FORT modules, web-based 24 x 7 access
  • All state reports available
  • Real time tax rate lookups for the OMS module
  • Integration with the FORT Fulfillment Management platform
  • Real time queries from the OMS enable precise, state-specific volume restriction management
  • Ability to create custom rules based on your own business requirements
  • Written in java, secure and very fast